Collaborative care sets an accountable care organization (ACO) apart from the system of health care that most patients are used to interacting with. In an ACO, your primary care doctor, along with any specialists other healthcare providers, will work together with you to address your health-related wants and needs. GBUACO aims to provide the right care at the right time in the right place. We believe that you, the patient, always have a voice. Our healthcare providers are ready to work with you to choose the best path to achieving your health and wellness.

Our Values

At GBUACO, we believe:

  • That patients are at the center of what we do
  • In transparency and collaboration to maximize and utilize resources well
  • Letting the data guide us will enable us to provide better care
  • In equal healthcare for all people

Our Mission

Transforming patient lives and communities with innovative models of healthcare.

Our Vision

To achieve a healthier community through collaborative, transparent healthcare delivery.