GBUAHN is a health home, created under the Affordable Care Act, Section 2703. A Health Home is a group of health and community agencies that have agreed to work together to help people with many health issues get what they need to keep them healthier and safer in the community. Each person who joins gets a “care manager”. A care manager will work closely with him/her to get the services he/she needs in his/her community. This service is being paid for through New York State Medicaid.

There are two GBUAHN locations in Buffalo, N.Y. – one on Jefferson Avenue and one on Niagara Street. GBUAHN provides health care coordination and management for Medicaid beneficiaries with multiple or severe chronic conditions. Prior to the establishment of GBUAHN, health care services for Medicaid recipients were often managed in an expensive and fractured manner.

GBUAHN was designed to be a person-centered system of care that facilitates access to and coordination of a full array of primary and acute physical health services, behavioral health care, and long-term community-based services and supports.

GBUAHN’s mission is to transform health care by removing barriers created by social determinants of health in underserved communities. GBUAHN’s vision is to become the health home of choice for our chosen marketplace. In 2017, GBUAHN opened a new facility at 564 Niagara Street, Buffalo, that also houses Urban Family Practice, an imaging center, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a teaching kitchen and specialists’ offices.

Our Mission

To transform health care by removing barriers created by social determinants of health in underserved communities.


To become the Health Home of choice for our chosen marketplace.


On November 15, 2009, Dr. Raul Vazquez founded and incorporated the Greater Buffalo United Independent Physician Association (GBUIPA). Physicians in an independent physician association (IPA) are organized to contract as a group to provide health care services.

On February 27, 2013, GBUIPA was officially incorporated as the Greater Buffalo United Accountable Healthcare Network (GBUAHN). That same month, GBUAHN began to enroll its first members.

Dr. Raul Vazquez is the president and chief executive officer of G-Health Enterprises, which consists of GBUAHN, GBUIPA, and GBUACO (the Greater Buffalo United Accountable Care Organization).

G-Health Enterprises has over 450 participating providers. GBUAHN and serves more than 7,600 members in the Western New York area.